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How to earn money online without having any website

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How to earn money online without having any website

Making money online with website is become a profession of online users and many peoples are making their websites on different topics and start sharing their sites . But did you know that you can too earn if you don’t have knowledge about some languages just like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and some other languages that are use to build one website then you can’t success to make one professional website, so for this purpose you need to find one place where you can earn money by sharing your knowledge. Many peoples have some good knowledge about different topics and they start their blogging carrier on blogger with free sub domain and if you also start blogging with sub domain then you can’t success to earn more money with your blog because Google or any other search engine don't give more importance to sub domains, so if you want to start you own site then you must need to purchase any TLD (Top Level Domain) for your blog and then start blogging by hosting it on blogger or any other platform .

  • Earn from Adsense without Website
Google adsense is one of the biggest Ad network which pays millions of user a living you also want to earn money with adsense and you don’t have any blog or website then you can also earn by sharing you knowledge on other websites. You can find many websites that will give you an hosted adsense account and you just need to write some high quality articles at any topic and submit on these sites and they will display adsense ads with your articles and when your money reach on their required limits then you can withdraw it by selecting your desired method and they will deduct some commission from your earning because they will provide you some features and help you to gain more traffic on your articles.

These sites and they will provide you an adsense account. After it you can start sharing your articles on these sites and try to gain more traffic on your articles.


hub pages is the best site to earn money even if you do not have a website, payment via PAYPAL or Adsense

  • Earn Money With your Domain Names
Best method to earn money online and it’s also very simple and easy. You can purchase domain name from any domain provider company just like Godaddy and use it to promote your affiliate links, simply redirect your domain name to affiliate link and its look like your own website. You can make more backlinks of your domain and make it more popular and promote your affiliate links through this domain. Many websites are pay you $40 to $60 on each affiliate sale.



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