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How to Earn $ 1500 From Adsense Every Month

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Earning from adsense is easy, if you are having a traffic and a loyal audience

How do you earn it?

Implement Google AdSense and continue to increase the traffic to your blog or website.

How do you build traffic?

It all starts with content.  Basically, your content should provide solutions to someone's problem.  Someone's problem could be hair loss, so you provide hair growth solutions.  Someone's problem might be upcoming events in their area, so you provide the best list of events.

The more you know about keyword research and SEO best practices the better, because it's likely your top source of traffic will be Organic Search for a content-based website.

When you have good, relevant, and unique content on your website, it becomes easier to grow your social channels and your email list.  There are plenty of ways to promote yourself as a thought leader or promote your blog content.

Promotion Ideas:

  • 1 - Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • 2 - Start an email newsletter and run giveaways to build your email list
  • 3 - Guest blogging on related niche blogs
  • 4 - Paid social promotions with influencers
  • 5 - Guest appearances on Podcasts or Webinars
  • 6 - Submit a Press Release
  • 7 - Offer great answers on Quora or become active on Reddit, but don't spam
  • 8 - Create a video for each of your articles, upload it to YouTube, link back to your website
  • 9 - SlideShare
  • 10 - Infographics
  • 11 - Write an eBook

How do you earn roughly $500-$1500 a month?

You're getting paid a certain percentage per click on the ads on your website.  Therefore, you need to maximize the amount of clicks each month.

How much you make really depends on the niche.  On some of the top investing websites, advertisers are paying $3.00-$5.00/click because those users tend to have a lot of money.  Therefore, you will make more with less traffic to your website.  However, advertisers on some entertainment websites might only be paying $0.30-$0.70/click.

Focus on Traffic, Then Earnings

Focus on building your traffic first because it's not that difficult to monetize your website traffic.  If you focus on earnings before you have traffic, it can be problematic.  I've recommended to people to not add any advertising until they are getting consistent traffic, because you won't earn much until you have people on your website.


The reason most people fail is because they give up after 2-3 months.  Unless you are really experienced and posting large amounts of content, it's going to take 3-6 months to build traffic.  People write two 500-word articles per week and expect large amounts of traffic, while their competitors are writing four 1,000+ word articles, publish a podcast, upload videos, create info graphics, etc.

Look at Other Income Sources:

You can run AdSense on your website and also sell products if that's an option for you.  You can sell your book for example and promote that on your website.  Some websites have membership plans or paid features.  You can strategically run Affiliate Marketing offers but you have to be careful with AdSense.  Ultimately, monitor your traffic and maximize your revenue per 1,000 page views.  I've made changes to my websites that have doubled ad revenue without increasing traffic, so there's definitely testing involved.


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