Monday, 22 May 2017

How to do Blogging for Living?

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How to do Blogging for Living ?

So you want to blog and make a website for a living, if you want to blog you need to master the art blogging in order to get success, Blogging cannot be done by everybody because in the beginning it is all about hardwork, skills, and creativity to gain traffic, making living from your blogs is a different part. 

It is true that some people are making more than living from blogging or even as part time blogging.
These are some ways before starting to blog

  • Get Inspired and motivated from other blogs
 By this I do not mean that copy other blogs and make the same content, just you need the ideas of how people make content, what is their niche, ads placements. Their traffic and audience, comments

  • Learn how to make money
Adsense is not the only thing by which you can make money from, True Story- Adsense is just like a kickstarter and it motivates you and when you have an audience, you will at one point of time stop using adsense and will use other networks and start with affiliate marekting in your website

  • Hard-work and time
For every job and work you are doing you need time and effort and skills , without it you are not going to get any success. Now blogger has changed it's dashboard which means that it is more easier to use than before.
And also in the beginning you need to post without making any copied content on your own, Do not waste any time. HAVE FREE TIME= BLOG


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