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Blogger vs Wordpress In depth

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Every person who wants to start a website always has this doubt whether to choose blogger or wordpress, If they are chossing wordpress then what are its Pros and Cons and if choosing Blogger, What are its Pros and Cons. There are millions of user on the inteternet who are using blogger or Wordpress, Some of them uses both. But as an author it becomes difficult to choose and many decision.

Advantages of blogger

  • HTML Designing
One biggest reasons why people like blogger platform because you can customize it full only with CSS or HTML if you know how to do it then you can customize it how you would like it to look like.

  • Best Server and hosting
As we all know hosting sites on blogger is free of course you won't be needs an hosting server to host your site, but you would be needing a custom TLD domain if you want
And also your site will be live every 24 Hours

  • SEO Friendly and Unhackable
Blogger is owned by google and if your account is hacked then it will be a shame to Google, So google platform do their best with the best security possible

And also blogger is SEO friendly at the same time


  • Lack of hosting
One biggest problem with blogger is it's web-hosting management, you are not given any option from gogole servers to host your own data and you cannot make any of these changes inside the blogger hosting server's

  • Difficult SEO Strategies 
Proper SEO is the key to succeeds and the strategies and learning the google search Algorithm which always changes is very difficult 

Advantages of Wordpress

  • SEO friednly
Wordpress is used by all the popular blogger just because it is SEO friendly and help them to rank faster in search result. Their are many SEO plugins to choose from

  • Quick Rank and PLugins- 
It is true that you can rank by using wordpress easily but you need to be doing hardwork of course.
In wordpress you can find that their is new plugins every single day installed in Wordpress.

  • Template
Wordpress has more templates than blogger to use and also easy to install too


  • Difficult to Customize
If you are new to Wordpress then at first it will be absolutely difficult to understand how to customize your site and learn the customization, but when you get used to it, then of course it will be easy.

  • Purchase Web-Hosting
Wordpress does not provide free hosting like blogger, you need to pay 20$ monthly to host your site

  • Security SSL hacking
Wordpress is not secure you need to pay to be secure, it is difficult to maintain your blog security


I myself used both Blogger and wordpress, but I still use Blogger, just because it is easy to understand, if you prefer Wordpress then you can go for it too.



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