Sunday, 28 May 2017

Blogger redirection all sites

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If you are having a blogger account with no TLD and it shows .blogpot.com then blogger redirect your site to international .com domains like .blogpot.in or .blogspot.au , etc. This cause big problem for sites because it does not help you to page rank your site

  • Argentina [blogspot.com.ar]
  • Australia [blogspot.com.au]
  • Brazil [blogspot.com.br]
  • Canada [blogspot.ca]
  • Czech Republic [blogspot.cz]
  • France [blogspot.fr]
  • Germany [blogspot.de]
  • Hong Kong [blogspot.hk]
  • India [blogspot.in]
  • Italy [blogspot.it]
  • Japan [blogspot.jp]
  • Mexico [blogspot.mx]
  • New Zealand [blogspot.co.nz]
  • Portugal [blogspot.pt]
  • Romania [blogspot.ro]
  • Spain [blogspot.com.es]
  • Sweden [blogspot.se]
  • UK [blogspot.co.uk]

Use this code to help with your page rank copy this code and paste this just below <head> or above </body>

<script type='text/javascript'> var str= window.location.href.toString(); if ((str.indexOf('.com/'))=='-1') { var str1=str.substring(str.lastIndexOf(".blogspot.")); if (str1.indexOf('/')=='-1') { var str2=str1; } else { var str2=str1.substring(0,str1.indexOf('/')+1); } window.location.href =window.location.href.toString().replace(str2,'.blogspot.com/ncr/'); } </script>



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