Sunday, 28 May 2017

10+ Whatsapp features that you did not know about

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WhatsApp has recently completed 1-billion users. It has now become one of the fastest mode of communication in many countries. It has got many new features in the past few months that one should now about.

New Update dashboard:

In the new update of whatsapp the way whatsapp look completely changed, we have 4 new tabs which are
Camera status, Chats, Status,Calls

Video Calling:

Ofcourse this feature was already available when the phone call features  came but it was still in BETA stat that why many people could not see it, but now it is offical all you user are now using this feature


Basically sending your location or other location

Document Sharing:

New update of WhatsApp has added the document sharing feature on Android smartphones. Currently this feature allows users to share only PDF files, but there is no support for .doc, .xls and other commonly used file formats as of now, neither company has given any deadline to provide it.

Increase limit of Group members:

WhatsApp recently increased the number of users one can have in a group to 256 from 100. Same is applicable to both, android and iOS.

Become a WhatsApp 'tester' :

 WhatsApp recently launched a beta tester programme. Once signed, as a tester, you will receive an update that includes a testing version of the WhatsApp Messenger app. However, as with all beta versions, these features too may be unstable or have a few bugs. However, so far the programme is only for Android users.

Keep starred messages while clearing chat :

 This feature gives you more flexibility while deleting your chats. So far, Android users have the option to delete messages older than 30 days or over 6 months. However, often felt if you could save some of these. You have the option now: Users can keep starred messages while clearing chats. This version is so far in beta mode.


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