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Top 5 People Who Savitar Could Really Be From The Flash

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This is my Theory after watching and reading flash comics and making 80% correct predictions on the flash,

Savitar Cannot be Women, he is definitely a Man, If he is Women I will be Shocked to see how the Trailer Baited Me into thinking he is women

Today I would Tell you the Top 5 People Who Savitor could be
Before starting who he IS ,these are people I think
According to his prophecy

"once shall betray you, one shall fall, one will suffer a fate far worse than death."

once shall betray you- Caitlin
one shall fall- Allen or Iris
one will suffer....- Wall west

  1.  Some one from Team Flash
  2. Some New Guy Coming to THE FLASH SEASON
  3. Some one Caitlin Know personally from past as caitlin snow or Killer Frost, This person could be someone who we know or whose story is still not Announced
  4. He Cannot be Barry Allen After seeing the photos Above

Here are the list of People who Savitar is

  • Ronnie Raymond-
Because in the Multiverse Killer Frost Loved Ronnie and in the Normal Earth caitlin also loved Ronnie So he can be the one who Savitar Could be from the future.

  • Someone From the Thawne Family
This Guy Could be someone From the Thawne Family Could be Eobard Thawne Or Eddie Thawne ofcourse to defeat the flash.

  • Julian Albert- 
I Could possibly be the savitar because he was alchemy and savitar could be julien albert because at the end of the episode killer frost immediately trust's savitar as if she is to scared of her so it can be Julian albert, but i don't think so he is HIM.

  •  Hunter Zolomon
He cannot be Savitar but still see caitlin's reaction at the end of season 3 episode 19 video at the end she immediately trust Savitar and in the season 2 multi verse Killer frost was an assisted of Hunter zolomon AKA Zoom in this season again killer frost act like an assisted of savitar so Hunter zolomon can be brought back as savitar but i am Not Sure!!!

  • Barry Allen
I know that this is stupid but Barry Allen Could be the Savitar even though he is not but still he could be it Trapped in the speed force

  • According to photos savitar is more Muscular so this is the only guy i think savitar could be 

And also Even I Myself Have some Doubt Pls Clear it 

Did any one notice this

see the dates



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