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Facts and everything to know about Azeem (CEO of Hackerprime.com)

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Hello, everyone My name is Mohammed Azeem, CEO and the founder of hackerprime.com. I am currently 16 years Old, and I am a collage student in Chataniya College . Born in 2001 march

My facebook-https://www.facebook.com/hackerprime007 or https://www.facebook.com/azeem.hacker007

Read this for - My Entire Draw My Life And about me Which I update every Single DAY

Lets get right into Facts About me

  1. My real name was actually  Mirza IBRAHIM ULLA  (nick name - Suleman) but It got legally changed to Mohammed Azeem
  2. I am a Computer Nerd as well as Internet surfer
  3. I hate Facebook and Instagram, especially whatsapp. I only have it just for the sake of being in contact with others.
  4. I can be the computer for hours, My personal best record was Morning exact 6:08 till night 11:00 , Just wanted to try how long can I sit on the chair just with a bottle of water
  5. I got 8.5 CGPA in my Board Exams.
  6. I was a school student in Pallavi Model School from 2005 to 2017.
  7. Spent my Entire Child hood in Hyderabad, Bownpally
  8. I Do not talk Much
  9. I cannot Start a conversation.
  10. I hate people, who ignore me
  11. I personally find my brothers as my best Friend - Shaikh Obaid and also this guy Shaikh Junaid

  • During my Final Examination days, I was actually listening to songs, making a website, Doing Youtube, And increasing my typing speed, I studied for only 4 hours
  • I do know explicit languages, but I do not Say it
  • I hate a person who are are always angry or into fighting or blaming some else
  • I am very Kind, gentle, Humble and I always help people whether outside or inside. But I sometimes change only in my HOUSE
  • At age 6, I got my typing speed of 40 WPM, Now my typing speed is 70 WPM, This impressed my family, friends and teachers
  • I Love Gaming, and also I like to make friendship with people who are interested in gaming
  • My personal best games are Counter Strike, GTA 5, OverWatch, Walking Dead, and other Ubisoft games and lastly FIFA
  • I earned  $ 130 which was my first Earning , just by typing somethings and doing somethings( which I will never say)
  •  I hate studying but in this age we are forced to do studying 
  • I have a basic knowledge of C++ , C+ , Javascript and also website designing, which I learned on My own
  • I hacked 3 Facebook accounts, 2 google account, whatsapp account in 2011, since then I Did not hack any account

  • I want to Become , Software engineer, Hacker, Website Designing
  • I want to open My own Charity group or Club which is not for any profit sake, only to help the poor 
  • I also want to make a collage which is focused both on studies and advanced computer coding

  • I have this habit of waking up 6:00 without alarm exact and drinking TEA without evening brushing my teeth
  • During holidays, I just like to be computer learning and sharing my Ideas

  • I may look like a Idiot, Duffer or Thinning Guy, but in my small head their is everything about computer or hacking or gaming or technology or gadgets but I never say it because I do not want to Show OFF!!!

  1. My spirit Animal is Phoenix
  2. My favorite Movies are  Twilight, Harry Potter, Spiderman
  3. My Favorite Tv Series is - The Flash, Friends
  4. My Favorite Manga is DEATH NOT ( BEST)
  5. My favorite cartoon character is SHINCHAN, NOBITA, OSWALD, BEN 10, SCOOBY DOO, TOM AND JERRY
  6. I love Iphone and Samsung Series
  7. I hate watches
  8. The best teacher which I had in school times was Harsha Mam (She teaches Physics, and is very kind hearted and manages situation well ) , Ranjhanna Mam and Geeta Mam. 
  9. I once Got Arrested was being a minor Driver
  10. I also got featured in the Deccan Chronicles with My photo, but I forgot what it was about. 
  11. I feel being on pajamas and T-shirt is more comfortable
  12. I am not into Fashion or Styles, comfortable is everything for me
  13. I first Made a when I was only 10 years old but I deleted it because I did not know ho

These things make me Hate a person

  • In a conversation with any person including my family, when they ask me what do you do at home I say that " I just work on the computer or something just a word COMPUTER". I do not know why every body gets this thinking, and the reply me this think every time

    Why do you always play games on the Computer?
    Do not watch a lot of Movies or Songs on Computer?
    Why be on the computer all day, please go out and enjoy? 
  • A person who is always misunderstanding things
  • A person who always want to spend money for him
  • A person who do not returns me the favor or treat which I gave him
  • Once a person makes fun of me, THE REVENGE IS ON!!! .

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