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About me- Draw My Life (Azeem Founder of Hackerprime.com )

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My name is Azeem, Born on 24, March 2001 which makes me 16 years Old right now,  Made this Site in 2016, I am Blogger. 

Click here for - Facts about me Which I update Every 2nd month (MUST READ)  

If you are stalking me and finding things about me then comment down below because even I want to know from where are you guys getting this information.

Some things I am keeping as Secrets but I will reveal in the Future. This will be the only page for updates of MY life and the other page for facts
The links to my family member and friends  are down below

Shaikh Mohammed Junaid (elder)

Shaikh Mohammed Obaid (elder and my best friend)

Rohan ( Colony friend)

Debtirtha (My School Friend )



Inspirational People

Stephen hawking
Bill Gates
Edward Snowden
Abdul Kalam
Steve Jobs
Larry Page
Felix kjellberg
Julian Assange

BEFORE STARTING Let me Tell you something, Of course in this I won't be telling anything specific, just general and SOME Memories, But some People have asked me this Question All the time,

How to Learn Hacking, How to be an Hacker?

If you are above the age of 17 I you just starting loving Computer, Then being an Hacker is Difficult For, You,
Any ways...

Do research on these People-

Julian Assange
Stephen hawking
Bill Gates
Edward Snowden
And some other Hacker and Famous People related to Computer and CIA
And also watch All the Movies Of the Hacker, so That you can avoid their Mistakes
Lastly Pursue CEH ( Certified Enthical Hacking Courses) and get TOP RANK and after that you will be hidden from the WORLD

The reason why listed some of the people above is because you not only need to know about computer, but also the scientific world around you, so above are some people who cracked Technology and Science


  • Lets start from the beginning

In 2001 of March, I was born in a hospital (obviously) in a place called secunderabad, I am the only child(SON) to my Parents. But, I have THE best family gifted to me with cousin brothers and sisters

I still did not entirely explore my own city being in this place for 15 years.

In 2005 or 2006 I was pushed to Join a School, My mother first thought to put me in Delhi Public School Bownpally but I got rejected, I was only 4 or 5 years old at that time, I think so.
Then I joined Pallavi Model School Bownpally which was new at that time, but famous right now. I made my First friend called Aman.

When I was in 1st class (1 st grade) I made a friend whose name was Debtirtha saha who is still my best friend.
I got Interest in computer via playing games like Road Rash, GTA, NFS, Delta Force, some samurai games, hercules, etc. Doing computer whole day is like my Hobby Now.


AND ALSO I did not have any birthday party or something special during my birthday, I only want all my family member to be reunited and meet once again because in todays generation even family member's are changed they visit your house only if there is any food or today's special Or they just want to use your electronics....


Because I was very Good at computer I just used to show my typing skills which was just 45 WPM (words per Minute) at that time, this impressed both my teacher and friends and I even got more interest in Computer, and this time, we did not have internet.

I used to watch a lot of cartoon , especially SHINCHAN, DOREMON, OSWALD, TOM AND JERRY , POPEYE , SCOOBY DOO, BEN 10 , BOB THE BUILDER, F.A.Q CARTOON. Things have changed soo much, Cartoon network is right NOW SHIT, I still watch these old shows on Youtube .- My childhood IS OVER :(    


I also had a friend in my colony named Rohan, we used to play all day, and I spend Child Hood Fun with this Guy, He even taught me Many life lessons, we played Cricket together, we Explored together, we  were the best buddies on our Colony . My best funny memory with him was going into some other neighborhood and in their garden we first tried to steal a Fresh Papaya from the tree but the owner came out with a stick and we were running like hell, but it was fun. He even taught to how to ride a bicycle, Kite. We had a lot of Fun like those Diwali cracker busting in some other houses, Sankrati Kite Flying,etc


Even though I was a school student at that time I was scared of some teacher and hated some teacher because they never did justice or they liked or focused on one particular student of the Class (chamcha). In 2012, I had a Class teacher named Roopa Gupta Mam who was my Social Teacher, this was when I was in Class 6 my mam saw a potential saying that " you are good in computer why not help our school" by helping the school, this was the period were I got my name is school, but some students even my friends were jealous of that . Now I finished School, what is going to happen I do not know. I Helped my school by making School Magazine, and some other software helps and even teacher took help from me, I become an icon in school and some were even jealous of my potential's and also I had a friends named Alan Joshy who is still me best friends, He lives in Kerala right now, and is still in touch.

In 2012 after the death of my Grand Father Things got changed, as this was my first experience of losing someone special and the mistakes you made which cannot be erased from your memories 

I used to be Entertaining boy before Class 5 and after that I was very Quit and silent Boy and also I learned to be Discipline which I am still right Now. 

The reason why I do not speak much is because Speaking too much Can reveal too much, as I like to keep things to myself and also I do not like to show off, Also I try my best Not to say lie's to other, Every human being 100% say's lies...

The thing about my school was, every next years, when I get promoted from class 1 to 2 then 3 ....  The section keeps changing and the students gets shuffled all the time, the only reason to do this was to make the students learn what the have an live with it, which I still did not learn.

In every stage of life I learned some things which I did not Actually know, Of course Our parents teaches us everything but friends are also a family who teaches you secondary things

I was never into SPORTS, I did not know why but I did not like watching SPORTS like Cricket, FootBall or other Physical GAMES, Till this Day the only sport Show which I watched WAS WWE thats Is, Because A guy named Rishab Forced me to watch it

In 2012 I got a new Gaming Computer, from that I explored even more better things, I came to know even more about YouTube, Technology, Gadget, ETC. 
And also in 2012-2013 I started this New Year Resolution to stop using or at least less use of Social Media  ( I know the Secret about FBI using Facebook and Social Media TO SPY,...)

I do not know why But I am not a Sporty Guy, I completely Hate Sports, ( because I always sit in front of computer Working), Apart From Technology, Universe, Gadget, Conspiracies , Alien, Computer Stuff, Youtube (songs and Youtuber) apart from these things the other stuffs, I am not interested in, and also I am not the Guy who is into Fashion.

Anyways when I was in my Last journey to get Graduated from school, at this time I was in Class 10, I some how do not know how I made Many friends, but my best friends where Debtirtha, Advait Bajaj, Alan Joshy who are still right now ( I thinks so because they did not contacted me yet) Advait taught me some other life lessons, some where ********ucked up and some where very useful still.

Once my 10th was over during the farewell I was very sad not only because I am going to miss my friends, best friends and teachers but also the school and my Childhood life, I do not know why But I relate my School and Child Hood Life with Harry potter Movie, (MY school life is OVER, Now it is just Tension)

During my class 10 , I did fail in one subject, and I was like done with my life, but my class teacher, mother, and my friends supported me and I got CGPA 8.4 which means if you fail in somethings, then their is always a second chance. Thanks to Them, also I did hard work too :)

After finishing 10 my life got changed completely I was kinda feeling like my ChildHood is over now.
Now it is all about competitions, which I actually hate, but this is life right now. 
And as always I would like to say that Love and enjoy each day of your life because you are not going to get it back again, you may be growing both physically and mentally. But Emotionally your mind may be or will be stuck some where , so LET IT GOO, LET IT GOO!!

These are the things which you will never get again in your life or overcome after school

  • If you say NO to parties from friends or field trips or something like that then you will not be getting this fun again
  • If you are not going to make any friends in school life before 4 th class or after you join another school within the week you need to have friends or else you will be alone
  • If you have done one embarrassing thing in school then that will become your title
  • If you are good at something in school then that will be your Job
  • If you are going to show off or bully someone or everyone all the time then you will have a lot of people talking behind you
  • If you are not good at somethings or do not improve then you will be ignored by teachers
  • If you are absent all the time in school, then you will not be recognized by the teachers
  • If you are not good at sports then you will be odd one out
  • Lastly, if you are quiet, then you will be quiet

Love your Life and each day of your life, Mistake's will be made but you can overcome it.
In school you will learn education, but also along with education you will learn something which school cannot teach you as it can only be taught by friends and family and Fun time

And I do not know Why These things makes me VERY EMOTIONALLY 

  • People talking about Harry Potter, Twilight, Make way for Noddy (literally my childhood)
  • I get very Emotionally when I am listening to this SONG
Started with these all


And Lastly The Biggest Lie and the same thing in School Which teacher repeats 

I cannot say anything about studies because At that time, I did not actually studies, I was just attentive in class, and also all the notes of the Teacher are very important for exams, If you are going to cheat in all test, then in final you will be getting minimum 7.5 CGPA,... But right now I do not know the algorithm and the pattern of the school

Do not talk back to me

This is a class not a fish market

Are you an animal who fights

Did you not eat your breakfast, answer me

Why are you raising your voice

Why did you not do homework did you forget to eat lunch or go to washroom

Why are you laughing, please share with the class?

This is the nosiest class which I have ever seen

I am talking to you only look at me

Speak louder didn't eat your breakfast

Give me a red pen of any color

Give me a black pen of any color

You last bench get out of my class ( how can bench go out the class )

Where is your book? why is it doing at home? did you also forget to wear your shirt or brush your teeth

Tomorrow is a test 

Azeem has 3 apple and he takes one, using this calculate the mass of it in moon

Both of you there get out of the class

REMOVE the curtain let the sun come in

takes Games period or extra time or some other free periods

The mood changes when the principle enters class

Does your mom makes you do Jhadu pochha at home? Is that why you could not do the homework?

Body herree mind somewhere mind somewhere else

If you do not want to study then get out of my Class

Get this signed by Father or else I will call your Family (black mailing)

I want pin drop Silence in this class

Let me know when ever you are done talking

sit properly this is your class room not your bed room

You are here wasting your parents money

Because of your batch , your junior are changed

stay silent the principal is on the rounds

Why is your shirt out? this is school not fashion parade

I am going to be here till the next teacher comes IN.

Physically here but mentally you booth is still at home sleeping 

Why are you laughing tell the whole class we will also laugh with you!!

Names of the friends in my entire Life which I will never forget

Junaid Ali
Alan Joshy 
Mehul Jain and...
Abu Bakkar
Karan Singh

Names of the Teacher which I will never Forget ( I respect them, but I do not know their full name sorry about that )

Nirmala  ( primary )
Suhasini (primary )
Ritu Ralli ( maths Teacher )
Moushimi ( science Teacher )
Roopa Gupta ( social Teacher )
Anita ( Computer teacher )
Geeta ( computer teacher
Vidya Roy ( social teacher )
Harsh pant ( Physics Teacher)
Sunny Sir ( music Teacher)

I am still feeling alone and lonely without my friends and teacher's as I did have best friends but most of the family always gets a transfer.
Now I Do not know What is going to be the future, below is the timeline of mine

  • My School Timeline

2004- 06-  at this time I was in my Primary School which I do not remember Actually

2007-  Class 1 Nirmala mam, Made my first Friend named Debtirtha

2008-   class 2 Suhasini Mam, do not remember much, but made a friends named Dhruv who is not in contact with me

2009-   Class 3, Ritu Mam ( at this time we had only one teacher for every thing but after that it was changed )

2010-   Class 4, Ritu Singh Mam (English Teacher), Did a lot of timepass

2011-    I was in class 5, My class teacher was Ritu Ralli Mam ( Math Teacher), some people say that she was the best teacher, but I find only 60% of that right.

2012-     I was in class 6, my class teacher was Roopa Gupta Mam ( social Teacher) Improved my potential in Computer, Thank you

2013 -    I was in class 7, my class teacher was (name I forgot but will update this once I remember her) 

2014-    I was in Class 8, my class teacher was Vidya mama ( Maths Teacher), Got one particular viral titles, and also this was the year when I got my First Smartphone Lumia 535

2015-     I was in Class  9, My Class teacher was Pooja Saxena Mam (Biology Teacher ) Got slightly Changed in my Attitude behavior, of course I would change because I was growing at this time
2016-     I was in Class 10, getting ready for board exam and also got failed in one subject which was Science, but Thanks to Harsha Mam who indirectly Helped me

2017-     I got out of my school with CGPA 8.5 (very Happy) Now Currently I am studying in Chataniya Collage, Took MPC so that one day I would become a hacker or a ethical engineering or atleast a website developer or google member

  • My Timeline

In 2005 I was introduced to the world of computer and since then I am the only Person in my Entire Family who knows anything related to computer

In 2006 I was introduced to Gaming on Pc, As my uncle brought me Grand Theft auto vice city and also GTA III

In 2008 I Accidentally hacked my neighbors computer. Continued this for 2 years, then I stopped .

In 2012 I made my own website, But I did not know anything about copyright

In 2015 Made a site called hackerprime.com and since then I did not copy any content, I did take ideas and blogging every day or atleast every week

I can keep Going, but somewhere there should be an End to this, Here I am going to end it, but still Lastly I want to say that if you have made a mistake, clear that mistake right there itself or else it is going to be stuck in your head, till your last breath. (DO NOT TRUST ANY ONE, NOT EVEN YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS, BEST FRIENDS CAN ALSO BE RASCALS AT ONE TIME)



HAPPY BLOGGING and live a Happy life Learn from What I learned To be even more Happy  !!




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