Monday, 6 March 2017

What is A Blog And How To Make Your Own Blog?

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There are still many people who do not know what is a blogs and how it is becoming a internet, So for those who just heard about blog from their friends, media.

What is It??

Blog is nothing but just like a Daily Diary, which include stuff which we like and important records.
A notebook dairy can be on any topic like activites, poem, home, pets,thought, etc. People can read your Online Diary on your daily basis and leave a comment or you can make is private

so in simple words blog is a Personal Website where you can write and share stuffs with millions of people out here

How To Create a Blog?

Creating a Blog is Free, but after creating, there should be something in your blog so that people can read it.To create a blog, go to blogger.com and type your website name and thats it

Advantage of Blogging

You Can Technically earn from your blog that is by displaying advertisments on your blog. In todays world people are earning more than $10,000 a month from blog
To earn it Needs patience and Time and HardWork

Every Second and Step you will have Doubts about specific thing in your people(like error)

Blogging also help you to Increase your typing speed


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