Friday, 3 March 2017

miniminter rumours - 10 Things About Miniminter You Did not Know

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Miniminter- 10 Things About Miniminter You Did not Know

  1. Simons full name is simon minter which explain is youtube name
  2. Born on september 7 1992 making him 23 years old
  3. Simon was born in leeds, england but rumours appeared that he spent a period of his childhood in Vancouver Canada
  4. Simon now lives in London And SHares a house with other sidemen
  5. Simon is a member of sidemen
  6. he gain more than 5000  subs daily and earn more than $50,000 monthly This include youtube twitch sidemen channel merchandise,etc
  7. he has 8.5 million subscribe Social Media
  8. Simon And Ksi knows each other from primary school
  9. simon stars in many of ksi old videos which are probably delted by now
  10. His inspiration is niga higa
  11. Simon favorite football club is Leeds Fc since that was the first team he went to see


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