Monday, 6 March 2017

Blogger Vs Wordpress

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We always have this doubt whether to choose blogger or wordpress,(domain does not affect in both of these)
Wordpress however is the best but it is more complicated than blogger


  1. Blogger is blogging service provided by google which is free and enough for a beginner  to publish post on website.However there are many chance of your website getting shut down as it is not owned by you, it is run by google all the time and can have access to shut down your website 
  2. Blogger have very limited tools to perform tasks on your website and you need to customize the site with html codes 
  3. It Provides you with limited tool and Templates to use. You can modify it with built in tools , But those templates are used  by only 20% of the population as they are very low quality
  4. Moving Your Site From Blogger to different Platform is a extreme complicated task and a high loss of SEO and Follower. Even though Google server allow it for a long time
  5. You can close your eye and depend on google secure platform which help you to provide extreme security to your blogs and backups
  6. But there is limited support available for blogger and user forum
  7. Blogger has got a lot of updates and major changes in Program Policy To ban Users, With illegal sites.
  8. Blogger Should be Used by People who are new to making and posting in websites.
  9. You need to make atleast 40 post in order to earn money from your blogs VIa Adsense
  10. Do not copy cause blogger has a special security, when you copy paste or type from other website with the help of COOKIES

  1. You have all the Control Of hosting service on your website and you can determine when to block and shut down your website
  2. Wordpress is an open software with new features every month with thousands of Plugins allowing user to modify their site , I wish blogger has an update to insert plugin insert of copying codes
  3. There is thousands of thousands free themes to choose from for your site and you can also customize it.
  4. Using Wordpress can charge you a lot of money cause you need to protect your website as well as SEO
  5. Wordpress is  quite secure , but since it is a self hosted site you are responsible for all security and backup,But there is many plugins
  6. wordpress has an very active community team and support from other.There is online community forum where you can get support from experienced users
  7. Wordpress is an open software this mean future is not on one individual. It is developed by a community and user and being most popular content
  8. Needs Proffesional Users in it for working of your site Successfully
  9. Earning From All services
  10. Need Money Before Starting It



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