Thursday, 24 March 2016

Top 3 Website like adfly

HashFlare HashFlare
These are the best 3 website which works like adfly and also pays you for it.It works even if you do not have a website or have a website.
just shorten any link or place ads you get pay for it.

1) shortest- This is one of the best sites which i use for earning it pays me 0.5$ for every ads and help in sites too and transfer my money to paypal. Based on the Location from where you are getting clicks it increase you money. Click here for the link

2) Adfly- adfly itself this site is still my best for shorten the sites and earning from it adfly also pays you for it and it is easy to use and very basic to understand for beginners

Click here for the link

3) blvme- Blv me is also very basic site it is just same as the shortest and adfly you can even create ads from it and add it on your site even even your site is not approved by adsense

Click here for the link

All the above site are very basic to use and can be added on your sites when there are not approved by adsense and also can be added in between the post


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