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Shortcut keys in UBUNTU

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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about some keyboard shortcuts of Ubuntu 13.04. Although its written in Ubuntu documentation but only a few of us bothers about the documentation and read them. So, I am summarizing them here. I collected it from Ubuntu official website. 
Just comment here, if any of the below code is not working.

Windows and Workspaces: 
Keyboard Shortcut
Alt + F4
Close current window
Alt + F2
Run a command
Alt + Tab
Switch windows
Alt + Shift + Tab
Reverse Switch window
Alt + Tab + Right Arrow
Switch to next window to the right
Alt + Tab + Left Arrow
Switch to next window to the left
Alt + Tab + Down Arrow
Preview selected window
Alt + `
Switch between windows in selected application
Alt + Shift + `
Reverse switch window in selected application
Super + s
Activate workspace switcher
Super + w
Show all windows in current workspace
CTRL + Alt + Arrows
Switch between workspaces
CTRL + Alt + Shift + Arrows
Move current window to another workspace
CTRL + Alt + Del
Log out
CTRL + Super + D
Hide all windows
CTRL + Alt + L
Lock screen
CTRL + Super + Up Arrow
Maximise current window
Alt + Left mouse drag
Move window
Alt + Middle mouse drag
Resize window
Alt + F7 + Arrows
Move Window
Alt + F8 + Arrows 
Resize Window
CTRL + Alt + T
Launch Terminal

Heads Up Display (HUD):
Keyboard Shortcut
Alt (quick tap)
Opens HUD
Shows list of items to choose from
Select result
Esc (or Alt again)
Exit HUD

The Dash:
Keyboard Shortcut
Super (hold)
Show keyboard shortcuts
Super (tap)
Show dash
Super + A
Show Applications lens
Super + F
Show Files lens
Super + M
Show Music lens
Super + V
Show Video lens
Super + C
Show Photos lens
Super + G
Show Gwibber lens
Arrow keys
Change selected item
CTRL + Tab
Toggle through lenses
CTRL + Shift + Tab
Toggler backwards through lenses
Open selected item
Right click on item

The Launcher:
Keyboard Shortcut
Alt + F1
Enables keyboard navigation
Super + Tab
Switch between applications
Super + Shift + Tab
Toggle backwards through applications in launcher
Super + (1 to 9)
Select application defined by number
Super + Shift + (1 to 9)
Open new window for application
Super + T
Open recycle bin

Keyboard Shortcut
Take a screenshot
Alt + Print
Capture current window
Shift + Print
Take screenshot of area of screen
CTRL + Print
Copy screenshot to clipboard
CTRL + Alt + Print
Capture current window to clipboard
CTRL + Shift + Print
Capture screen area to clipboard

Enjoy hacking.
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