Friday, 1 January 2016

How to use your pendrive as RAM 100%

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Hi! friends again i am here with some cool stuff. Today i will tell you how you can make and use your pen drive as RAM. First of all i would like to tell you what is the need of making pen drive as RAM.
There are many uses of RAM. It speeds up you Personal Computer and allow large no. of files to open and install at once, and who did not want high speed. You can speed up your computer by your Pen-drive. it's easy just follow the simple steps below.

Before starting the tutorial, first of all make sure you have logged in as administrator and have all permissions of the computer.

To make and use your pen drive work as RAM, just follow these simple steps :

Step 1:

First of all insert the pen drive in your personal computer and your computer should read it.
make sure that the pen drive must be at least 2 gb of space or more

Step 2:
Right click on my computer, then choose properties from the drop down menu

Step 3:
Now click on advanced tab in the personalize window, then click on settings under performance

Step 4:
Click on advanced tab then click on change button

Step 5:
Now select your pen drive and then click on custom size , then for 2 gb pen drive make these changes

initial size = 1024   and   maximum size =1024

You can change these settings according to the size of the pen drive and how much space you want to use as RAM .

Step 6:
Now apply these changes then click on ok button, then just make your pen drive inserted and restart the computer. and yeah do not remove pen-drive in between when using it as RAM.

Congrats! you have done it! now feel the changes and enjoy the high speed of your computer. If having any problem or query, feel free to comment :)

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