Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Boost-up your facebook likes,school circle and website traffic!!

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Hey guy, today I will going to tell you that how you can increase up your Facebook Likes, Google Circles, Twitter Followers or Website traffic. You have seen many of the facebook pages getting thousand's of likes and you think that they were extraordinary pages. If i will tell you that you can also get thousand's of like in no time then what. have you shocked, this can really happen. You can also get unlimited likes and followers in very less time just read and follow the below steps.

Did you ever heard about AddMeFast. If not so don't worry i will tell you what is it and how it works.
It is a network of webmasters and common peoples who shares there websites, Facebook pages, Facebook status, Google Plus Profiles, Google Plus Pages and Twitter Profiles and Pages on AddMeFast.com website and get ultimate traffic on the shared posts. Now many of the people were thinking that how this website works and how and why people clicks, likes, and follow their posts, so i will tell you how it works and how it boost up traffic on your website, pages and profiles.

How AddMeFast works:

As it is a social network of webmasters and common people, so all of them were posting and sharing their pages and websites. Now this website has a points system so when sharing the pages or websites we allot some points for each page, whenever a person likes a post or follow any page or hit clicks on the posted website then the allotted points to the particular post will be transferred to the person who hits click on the post and the process goes on.

Now i will tell you how you can get started with this process. To get started and increase up your facebook likes or website hits:

go to the page addmefast.com and register a free acount there. you will get 50 points instantly for signing up.

Now click on Add Site/Page button in the left top cornor.

Then Choose your Network Type [i.e. facebook like, google circles, website hits, twitter followers etc.]

Then type your title of page and type url of the page or website url.

Now set the limit of total clicks and then just set the points to give for the every click.

Instantly see your graph of page hits and likes increasing rapidly.

Congrats! you have done it, now its time to showing your friends that your post page and website is rising high with higher likes and follow hits and make them jealous. Hope you like the post. Feel free to comment :)

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