Tuesday, 3 November 2015

How to hack Tikona!

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Hello Guys,Do you have a problem with slow internet with tikona. So I am here to show you how to hack Tikona with these methods
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As we all knew Tikona is Private ISP and Have many Users all Over India.It is Certified ISP and Very nice at all Speed as well as Data Plans.

How Hacking Method Works.?

So as we all know Tikona is using Dynamic IP Address For their Clients and the IP address always Connet to there sever using their Gateway.There Server is Directly Conneted to Main Tikona Broadband Server which is connected to Indian Internet Server so Here the Trick is Indian Internet Server has Low Capacity and it Can not Transfer Further more Data to there Clients thats Why India has Maximum Speed of 10 Mbps In Many Such Areas. If we Use to Connect Some Other Server then We will able to Transfer Data more Fast and Reliably.When Our Tikona is Connected to Some Other Country Dynamic IP changes to Static and Our Gateway is Not Connected to Tikona Server but Tikona Server is a Way to Connect to Other Country(It Redirects to Other Server).Now If you Are not connected to Tikona server How Server get your Exact Detail How much Data you have used.So I Hope you Got What I have told you.So here is Steps to Follow and there is Video tutorial also For First time.

Steps to Follow-

  • First of All Download Cyberghost VPN (www.cyberghostvpn.com) Download it for Free.
  • Now Install it and Go to Simulated Country.
  • Now Select Germany as your Country Server to Connect through VPN
  • Now Connect it and See your Speed.(There is no Need of Additonal Settings to do)
  • So Now Check the Speed on Speedtest.net and Enjoy Your Boosted Downloading Speed upto 8 Mbps.
    First Time Here is the Video Tutorial for this Tutorial and if you don't Understand it. View the Video Tutorial. Click here to Redirect  to youtube for Video Tutorial.

    All the Things i have showed is for Educational Purposes Not for Using Illegal and I don't recommend to use like this...>>


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